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Attractions in Pag Island

The island of Pag is rich with history, packed with old-fashioned values and traditions which is passed on to the youngsters to this day. It is tough to point just one attraction to check out, but at least to point out what you should not miss seeing. The town of Pag is full of historical attractions so you will not make a mistake if you pay a visit to it.


Attractions in Pag Island

Lun is the northern most village on the island of Pag. This is a quite tiny village well-known for its long heritage of olive oil producing. On the coast of Lun there is a harbor named Tovarnele, and close to that harbor there are leftovers of an ancient settlement. Lun is a tiny village truly worth exploring considering that it hosts lots of pleasant wonders.


Lace museum

Now settled in the magnificent recovered Ducal Palace, developed by Juraj Dalmatinac, this outstanding museum display some amazingly complex designs. The history of lacemaking in Pag and its significance to the area is wonderfully highlighted with remarkable photos and effective info panels. It's accessible to groups solely outside top summer season.

Benedictine abbey of St. Margarita - Pag

Attractions in Pag Island

This abbey keeps important items from the island's past. For decades active Benedictine sisters who was successful in securing numerous important objects that are presented for guests populated the abbey. The abbey was established in the 14th century. To this day, Benedictine sisters have maintained the noiseless environment of the abbey.


Lokunja is as suburban area of the city of Pag that is quite fascinating because of depthless sea on whose bottom there is a tier of healing mud. This healing mud has been well-known for a lot of decades among the locals of the island. We advise heading for this kind of an uncommon swimming and trying how the healing mud works. This is a fantastic chance for a natural wellness therapy.

Musem of Salt

Salt manufacturing is an vital part of the ancestry of Pag, so the residents made a decision to place the nice-looking salt pools in the function of tourism. The restoration of the tracks used to transfer salt in wagons from the pools in which it was collected and crystallized, to the storage facilities is likewise pictured. With the restoration of the tracks and wagons, travelers will have the ability to do their sightseeing and tour while travelling on a train. Available to groups only outside summer season. Here you can discover the devices and gadgets which are used in the past. When you look at what it requires to get the salt on our dining tables, you'll never take salt for granted.

Zrce beach

Attractions in Pag Island

Zrce, a magnificent beach on the island of Pag in Croatia, is one of the most preferred spots for the young in Croatia and in the Europe. It draws in many party-goers April to October as this is where they can party 24h a day all summer long.

The Duke's court-Pag

The Duke's court is positioned in the city of Pag, and till the start of the 20th century it was a heart of the island's government. Prior to that a number of dukes operated it from Venice. This is a stunning old palace just like many you can see in other towns on the Croatian coast, decorated with white stone and unique window ornaments.

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