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Family vacation on island Pag

If you're looking for exciting, comfy and safe family vacation by the sea, a vacation on Croatian island Pag is a right choice. Pag has great climate, unique atmosphere and a wide choice of beautiful and safe beaches, appropriate for small children. In Croatia, you will find three types of beaches - rocky beaches, sand beaches and pebble stone beaches. Sand beaches are not very popular, but you can find few on Pag and enjoy in them. You can get to Pag with ferry or with car over the bridge that connects island with land.

Beaches and swimming on Pag

Warm Adriatic sea and easily accessible with many stunning beaches placed alongside crowded places like Pag, Novalja and Povljana, and near small, quiet towns like Stara Novalja, Mandre and Simuni. For complete privacy, go to Potocnica where you will find beautiful and most likely, empty beaches.

Family vacation on island Pag

Stacko represents a place completely opposite of Potocnica cause it is a popular and fully equipped beach with Blue flag. It is placed between pine and oak trees in Novalja, Stacko has a sand beach and small rocky part. Hundreds of visitors come here for clean water and high quality of accessible equipment and services, like solaris rent and deck chairs, showers, playgrounds, caffe's, bars and restaurants.

"Cista" is another beautiful beach on Pag. This is sandy beach with shallow water. "Cista" beach is placed near town Mandre. Your children will enjoy themselves exploring seashells and small rocks that were brought here by sea currents. On the same beach you can also enjoy a delicious food and drinks right by the sea and enjoy a beautiful view of Velebit mountain in the background.

Pljanka, another sand beach is appropriate for families cause the sea is pretty shallow. It is located near Stara Novalja. You can enjoy drinks or rent parasol and a deck chair, while your children play on a waterslide. Lovers of water sports love this sand and pebble stone beach called Zrće, where disco clubs are open all night until early morning and where you can enjoy many water sports, like skiing simulator on a surfing board.

Trips on Pag

Family vacation on island Pag

For all tourists interested in sight seeing, Pag means a lot more then great beaches. History lovers will visit historical city of Pag. Nature lovers will enjoy in natural lakes, caves, depressions and other forms of karst landscape. Everyone will admire unique formations of rocks in a Ruzica canon. You can go to northwest part of the island, where you can find over 1500 old olive trees hiding. It is placed in towns Lun and Tovarnele, and it is protected by UNESCO as a biosphere Reserve. You can watch cheese production in famous Gligora, cheese farm near Kolan. This is a place where world famous cheese- Pag's cheese (Paski sir) is being made, a popular island souvenir. You can even take a boat trip to near islands like Rab, Losinj and Kornati, or take a walk through spectacular canons of National park Krka.

Bonus for your health

Beneficial effect that climate on island Pag has for your health is the biggest bonus of your vacation on this island. Island Pag's air is moist and has high salinity cause of combination of dry and cold winds that come from mountain Velebit, and moist and salty air that comes from sea. Result of this type of climate has a soothing effect on breathing, which is especially appreciated by people who suffer from asthma or allergies. Another source of health on island Pag is healing mud in Lokunj. Healing mud baths and mud blankets with therapeutic properties are great for people who suffer from rheumatism and have skin problems. You will be surprised of how much of island Pag in north Dalmatia is perfect place for your family vacation.

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