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Nightlife on island Pag

Pag is a tourist island in north Dalmatia, famous for it's excellent beaches and, without a doubt, center of summer fun in Croatia (right next to island Hvar). It is usually called a "Croatian Ibiza" cause of it's many young, european tourists and it's night clubs with affordable prices.

Novalja attracts young people who are eager for good time and partying and who simply want to have a good time combining beach fun and night club fun. Novalja is a place, cause of it's nicely centered position, that offers a great starting position for trips to other cities on the island, and it is the closest to beach Zrce, one of the wildest and most fun beaches in Europe, where almost everything is focused on night life on Pag: this beautiful beach has five night clubs ( Aquarius, Papaya, Noa, Kalypso and Euphoria, which are open only during summer season) which offer hot parties with music playing whole day and night. This clubs shared their stage with most famous names of EDM music like Paul Van Dyk, Tiesto, David Morales, Chemical Brothers and many others. Getting in the club is almost always free, except on special occasions and concerts, when prices are usually between 8 and 30 euros.

Nightlife on island Pag

Zrce is a beach which is mostly covered in sand and has an easy access to it, cause it is placed only 4 kilometers from center of Novalja. You can get there by foot in 30 minutes, or you can take a bus from center of Novalja (10 kunas) or by car and park there (parking costs 5 kunas per hour - around 0,7 euros). Beach itself is one of 100 beaches in Croatia that have been awarded with Blue flag cause it has phenomenal sea thanks to pebble stones and sandy floor.

Aquarius (Zrce beach, Pag)

Placed on a crowded beach Zrce, Aquarius is a bar, disco and a pool in which party never ends and music plays 24 hours a day. Club itself works all day long as a beach bar and restaurant, while it transforms into night club with beach parties in the afternoon, with parties that include foam in large, main pool. Real party starts at night, with theme parties, happenings and concerts with many world wide famous DJs. With it's large pool, club also has closed-space and open-space dance floors, lounge and VIP areas, console, bars on different spots and terraces with beautiful view over Zrce beach.

Nightlife on island Pag

This is really a great place for dancing or simply having a drink while watching sunset and sunrise on the beach, while world famous DJs spin their records. Happenings include Hideout festival, most famous festival on island Pag which takes place between June and July, every year. Aquarius is also a place for a party that marks official start of the summer season: Zrce Beach Spring Break party, but it also has many others festivals and happenings that take place during whole summer, between June and July. Alongside Papaya club, this is one of the most popular and famous nightclubs on island Pag.

Papaya club (Zrce beach, Pag)

Described as one of the best open-space clubs in the world, Papaya club is made in exotic style with bars, restaurant, VIP area, pool, waterslides and Jacuzzi area. It organizes daily cocktail parties and foam parties, and it offered it's stage to many world famous DJs like Tiesto, Van Buren, Swedish House Mafia and many others. Club is placed on a famous Zrce beach and it was opened in 2002. Today, it has become an institution of summer night life in Croatia, with thousands of young people coming here, including beautiful Croatian and Slovenian girls. Music is great and club is always crowded. Make sure to stop by!

Cocomo club (Obala kralja Petra Kresimira IV 16, Novalja, Pag)

Cocomo club is placed in the center of Novalja and it is an ideal place for starting the evening before going to one of the clubs on Zrce beach: buses offer rides to Zrce beach right near the entrance to this club. This club is placed in an area filled with restaurants and pubs, so visiting it is a must: especially after dinner in a nearby restaurant cause it's a great place on which you can even meet a beautiful girl. At this time, commercial music is being played by local DJs. It isn't really a big club, but it has a nice terrace which plays soft, relaxing music so you can simply, order a drink, sit back and enjoy the beautiful view on the sea.

Vanga club (Stara Riva, Pag)

Vanga club is the only club in Pag and it is placed near the sea. During night, it offers a wide selection of music: RnB, house and music from 70s, 80s and 90s.

Kalypso (Zrce beach, Pag)

Kalypso was the first club that opened on Zrce beach, 30 years ago. A place which started as a sports bar, has a large dance floor, many different areas and levels and many bars, placed around the round pool with comfy deck chairs on which you can enjoy yourself or simply have a beer. Excellent combination of relaxation and fun in this place can mean either dancing, or relaxing in one of many comfy sofas placed around the club.

Euphoria club (Zrce beach, Pag)

Euphoria club, one of historical places on Zrce beach, is also an open space club which combines different music styles played by Croatian and foreign DJs. Euphoria club is a proud owner of lowest prices on whole Zrce beach and it offers affordable drinks and good ol' beach drinkin' : every night, you can have as many beer or red bull-votkas as you like for only few euros. During the day, it reminds of a classic beach bar, but turns into a real night club during night.

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