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Pag cheese

Delightfully tasty, with strong character of dry winds, creamy yellow Pag cheese from Croatian island Pag is considered to be one of top 10 cheeses in the whole worlds. If awarded quality still hasn't got your mouth watering, getting to know what makes these delightful aromas and seeing the way this cheese is made and served, most certainly will.

Pag cheese

Pag is a dry and rocky island placed in north Dalmatia, famous among gourmets for it's sea salt and cheese. Gale carries dusted salt on land area, on which 30 000 sheep are being fed, which leads to specially flavoured milk from which this extraordinary cheese is being made. Pag cheese is a delicacy, and if you visit the island, make sure to visit cheese factory Gligora in Kolan, where this cheese is being made. Intimate tours across the factory led by tour guides guarantee you a good time!

Placed alongside lively village Kolan in the very centre of the island, cheese tasting tour in Gligora offer unique insight in rich heritage of cheese making and reasons why this amazing cheese is popular worldwide. Pag cheese is an authentic souvenir and you must definitely try it, even if you're not visiting island Pag but staying somewhere else in Croatia. It don't matter if you try younger or more mature version of Pag cheese, both of them will taste perfectly with wine. You can sip on Plavac, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot or Teran if you like red colored wines., or Paski Posip, Paske Zutice or Rajski rizling if you're more of a white wine person.

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